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Twig and Daisy 2017 Sessions

I have gotten many emails asking me for sessions for this year, 2017 and for senior bookings for the Class of 2018 (which would typically be taken this year) so I thought I would post on the website.

I have decided to take a limited amount of sessions for this season, June-November.  After having taken much of last year off to care for and be with my Mom I am easing back into my photography business.  Don ‘t get me wrong I LOVE what I do, I LOVE capturing families, seniors and moments…but I am not ready to jump in with both feet.  So I chose a number of sessions I could do and those are filled.  How did they get filled when I didn’t even officially open my calendar on this website?  They were filled by previous clients, and seniors-to-be who are friends of ours or friends of our sons.  I sent out an email to those people to gage interest and see what spots they would take, and they took them all.

Thank you for checking in, and thank you for your interest in my photography business.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you who appreciates my work.

Please check back or email me if you have any questions.  I will get back to you.

Thank you again for checking out Twig and Daisy!

God bless



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My Beautiful Mama

Thank you dear friends and clients, for your understanding this past season and year.  My most amazing, beautiful Mother went to heaven on November 17, 2016.  Oh how I miss her, but oh how very grateful I was to have had her.  I was truly blessed with the very best.  I can honestly say I have never been more grateful to have been a photo-obsessed person…I have SO many amazing photos of my Mom, of my Mom with my Dad, with her grandchildren…this life long obsession has paid off.  She ALWAYS said to me “You may want to leave something to memory, you don’t need a photo of every single moment”…which I respectfully disagreed with and kept snapping photos.  Since my disc camera in the 2nd grade.  And before that my Dad usually had the camera and so we have amazing footage of Mom from my entire lifetime.  It is a good reminder to me to BE in the picture, even when you don’t feel like it…some day your kids will treasure your every expression.

I have never been more grateful for God’s promises of heaven.  I am pretty sure there will be photos in heaven, or are minds will have a perfect photographic memory.  🙂


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2016 Sessions Are Closed

God first. Family second. Friends third….photography work farther down the list.

Due to some family health issues I will be canceling my upcoming sessions with Twig & Daisy for the rest of the 2016 year.  Those of you who had scheduled appointments, you SHOULD have received an email from me earlier today with more details.  IF not let me know..

I am needed elsewhere.  While I LOVE this business and this job, it is just that as well.  It isn’t my family, my faith, my identity.

I sincerely apologize to those of you who are now in search of a photographer if you had your heart set on me.  But I assure you there are many talented ones in the DM area that would love your business.

If you want any recommendations, please let me know.

Thanks for your understanding.

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We took these photos last fall, while Jake is a student in the same school as our boys’, he goes to our church, he is friends of my sons,  I had never spent a lot of time with Jake.  I had only heard great things about him, his kindness towards others.  I had seen his soft smile at school, on the football field, with his friends but I didn’t know him.  I loved spending this time with Jake, his Mom and my sophomore son came as well.  Jake is someone who I knew he looked up to, and after spending a couple of hours with him…I can see why.  But I have to tell you this, and Jake will be embarrassed that I am sharing this…because he is a humble guy…I saw his heart shine just a few weeks ago.  Our church hosted an event called “Night to Shine”, it was an event for adults with special needs.  I was there.  Jake was matched or buddied up with a young woman with special needs.  He was her escort for the night.   I watched Jake with his “buddy/date”.  I watched how he focused on her having fun, how he never left her side, how he danced with her, how he allowed her to SHINE at the grand march.  I saw the heart of a young man who cared more about others than himself.  He stood proudly by his date, she was quiet and not very verbal, she had some scarring on her skin, I am guessing she hasn’t felt beautiful many days of her life due to the cruelty of some people in this world…but I can tell you this….THAT night she felt beautiful and lovely, and like a princess.  Jake was a big part of that.  I saw him shine that night.  It is evenings like those that often show ones true character and WOW was I impressed.

I give you the handsome and humble Jake…

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Now this session was unique and so much fun!  I met Josh and his family at their home in the country.  This is one country boy, mid, ATV’s, bows and arrows, guns…all of the above we found during his session.  I wore my fun red rubber boots and my camo joggers so that I could feel the part!  This senior is handsome, and doesn’t even know it.  A natural in front of the camera.  Those blue eyes sparkle with kindness and gentleness.  The only boy with a handful of sisters…he is their protector and the funny guy.  I cannot wait to see what his future holds.  He loves his Mama and it shows.  He respects and looks up to his Dad, and it shows.

Enjoy this fun session…

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