We took these photos last fall, while Jake is a student in the same school as our boys’, he goes to our church, he is friends of my sons,  I had never spent a lot of time with Jake.  I had only heard great things about him, his kindness towards others.  I had seen his soft smile at school, on the football field, with his friends but I didn’t know him.  I loved spending this time with Jake, his Mom and my sophomore son came as well.  Jake is someone who I knew he looked up to, and after spending a couple of hours with him…I can see why.  But I have to tell you this, and Jake will be embarrassed that I am sharing this…because he is a humble guy…I saw his heart shine just a few weeks ago.  Our church hosted an event called “Night to Shine”, it was an event for adults with special needs.  I was there.  Jake was matched or buddied up with a young woman with special needs.  He was her escort for the night.   I watched Jake with his “buddy/date”.  I watched how he focused on her having fun, how he never left her side, how he danced with her, how he allowed her to SHINE at the grand march.  I saw the heart of a young man who cared more about others than himself.  He stood proudly by his date, she was quiet and not very verbal, she had some scarring on her skin, I am guessing she hasn’t felt beautiful many days of her life due to the cruelty of some people in this world…but I can tell you this….THAT night she felt beautiful and lovely, and like a princess.  Jake was a big part of that.  I saw him shine that night.  It is evenings like those that often show ones true character and WOW was I impressed.

I give you the handsome and humble Jake…

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