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Abby…oh what a fun and sweet girl.  Our session was the first time we met, it is always so much fun for me to put a face with a name.  And can we talk about her hair and skin coloring?  So lovely.  Abby had met with my friend and Twig & Daisy stylist, Ann, ahead of time….  Her outfits were spot on put together down to the very last detail.  Never underestimate the power of having Ann come to your house and help you pull together your look.  Abby and I had fun along with her Mom.  We had a beautiful day to shoot as well.  I loved how these photos captured Abby, and I love the ones with her Mom.

Enjoy the lovely Abby…

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More Colbys…

You can NEVER have enough Colbys in my opinion…before the large group session I snuck away with my dear friend Mike and his dear wife Jenna and their kids for a mini session.  Jenna is as obsessed with photos as I am, always has been…we are kindred spirits.  Really and truly, we even share a birthday.  She and I couldn’t have been MORE excited for this fun session.  How can you go wrong with family and polka dots combined?  You cannot..EVER!  If you didn’t read my previous post about The Colby Family let me catch you up….Mike has been one of my best friends since I can remember.  Our Moms met when we were in preschool and we have spent hours and hours together ever since.  Elementary School through High School…have we have remained close ever since.  A little known fact, Mike was my first kiss in the girls bathroom at Creek Valley Elementary school in the 6th grade.  (it’s a long story)  Another little known fact is that Mike and I both met Jenna the same summer, we were all lifeguards together.  I am not sure which one of us knew she was the one for him first, Mike or me.  But she is his perfect match!

It was so much fun capturing their beautiful family…could they be any more cute?  Seriously?  Can you say polka dots?  I love these people and I am so very grateful for the impact both Mike and Jenna have had on my life.

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The Colby Family

I have known this family since I was a little girl.   These people were a HUGE part of my childhood and played a big role in who I am.  They were the ones that cheered me on through school, and the same ones that brought me ice cream when I didn’t make cheerleading…their son Mike was one of my very best friends from age 4 through high school and to this day I treasure him.  Mrs. C was my “go-to” Mom when I needed another Mom opinion, Dr. C made sure my teeth were straight (yep he is an orthodontist) and always had the biggest hugs for me.  This was a house that always had Coke in the fridge and a sweet dessert in the kitchen.  To say that I LOVE this family is an understatement.  They have been there for me in every stage of my life and my heart is full of love and appreciation for how they have poured into my life.

It was a privilege when I was asked to capture them for their 50th wedding anniversary.  Let’s pause a moment and think about that?  50 years!  That is amazing!  Mrs. C was a little apprehensive that we could pull this off with so many littles to capture but I brought my best ammo along…my 13 year old son and his best friend.  They were busily making fools of themselves behind me and it worked!  We got it!  Lots of beautiful moments between family.  And if you look through the images you may even see some cheering at the end!

I love these people and I loved this session….

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Danielle is one of those young women who is a natural beauty.  If she is on the track, or if she is all dressed up…she is beautiful.  She shines from the inside out.  Danielle was sweet, soft spoken and easy to capture through the lens.  I loved her style.  We added in her family at the end of the session for some shots as well.  It is always fun for me to see a family interact with one another..and I love watching siblings.  Later her Mom sent me a snapshot of the canvases she ordered of her favorite images, I LOVED seeing them up on the walls in their home.

Thanks for asking me to be a part of your senior year Danielle…

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I had the privilege of taking Cole’s older sister’s senior photos a few years ago and like I have said before I love that my clients become my friends.  I have stayed in touch with his Mom and his big sister, who went to my alma mater for college even.  We had a fun time taking Cole’s photos and family photos all at the same time.  Christmas photos in the summer?!  Check that off of your list!  Such a sweet and kind family.  I loved watching Cole listen to his big sister with what he should wear…and I loved watching them interact.  And can we talk about their blue eyes?  WOW!

Such wonderful people, such big hearts in this family…enjoy a peek at our session.  

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