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The Dunham Family

This family has a piece of my heart, and her name is Amara.  Amara has been in the Sunday School class I teach since I began.  She has taught me much about life, laughter, sparkles and the joy of “Annie” songs during Sunday school, after we learn about God of course.  Her smile and laugh are contagious.  She has taught my boys about loving without limits, about dancing on Sunday mornings.  She has my Drew wrapped around her finger, he knows the craft closet at church inside and out due to her requests…sparkles, purple things, glue and more sparkles.  She has taught my Jack how to dance with someone in a wheelchair, she has taught him about bringing others joy.   She has taught my little Max to have no fear of those in wheelchairs, to love those around you no matter what.  My heart if forever grateful for this girl.

I love their family story.  I love that her parents chose her to be theirs…that God brought them together.  I hope you can feel the PURE joy in these images.

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Will…where do I begin with Will?  Will is the little boy who lives across the street from us, he is my son’s best friend.  Oh wait…he isn’t little anymore.  He is a senior in high school, which reminds me my son is a senior in high school.  Where does the time go?  Will and Tommy have been best buddies since they were in Kindergarten.  The ARE the “Woodcrest Connection”.  They have played little league together, flag football together, basketball together, video games, backyard baseball, they have been on road trips together, shared more of my warm cookies than possibly any other 2 people.  They have remained close friends despite being in different schools.  Will is an easy going, polite, do whatever you ask kind of kid.  He never complains about anything.

It was fun to capture his senior photographs.  He is part of our family.  We also snuck in some shots of his family while we had him cornered.  Our family feels so blessed to have watched him grow up, to have prayed for him when he has been sick, to have laughed with him through the years.  He is one friend of Tommy’s that I know will never go away.  You always have that neighborhood friend.   If I had a dime for every time our door bell rang and it was Willy D…

Enjoy seeing some shots of this kid…I mean young man.

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This girl was a natural.  Another young woman with a heart for others, a gentle sweet, kind spirit.  A girl who has a brilliant mind and a soft heart.  I met her a couple of years ago in a family session with her grandparents.  I love watching grandchildren love their grandparents.   It was a privilege to have her choose to come to me for her senior photographs.  We had fun.  I do not think there was a bad shot in the hundreds that I took of her.  The camera loves her.  I cannot wait to see what God has in store for her future, I know it is bright.

Caroline, thanks again for allowing me to be a part of your senior year.

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I have known Brooke since she was around 5 years old I am guessing.  Her Mom is a dear friend of mine.  To have watched Brooke grow into the young woman she is today has been a blessing.  I remember many times when her Mom and I would pray for our children together, pray for them to make wise choices, pray for them as they started new schools…new friends…hard days…joyful occasions.  What a privilege for me to be able to capture her joy and spirit in her senior photo session.  This is a girl who shines from the inside out, if hearts can be made of gold I assure you hers is…if trophies could be given for caring the most, she would win the largest one possible.  We also snuck in some family photos into her session.  It is an easy time to capture everyone before the next chapter of life begins.

We had so much fun.  It is hard for me to explain what it is like to capture images of these seniors that I have known for so long.  It is a bit of a Hallmark commercial, I look through the lens and see their faces of their youth and I blink and I see them who they are today.  I still see them in the church nursery, or Sunday school classroom and yet here they are all grown up.  It is emotional for me in the best way possible.  My heart wants to burst in gratitude for allowing me to be a part of their lives.

Enjoy some of my favorites of the beautiful Brooke!

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The Mars Family

This family is one of my favorites to photograph.  The husband and kids all know this is one of their Mom’s favorite days.  She works hard to pull together great clothes and accessories  and they willingly wear what she asks and they never complain at all of the posing and locations we choose.    To top if off, they all REALLY love one another and LOVE their Mom and know it honors her to be respectful and easy during their sessions.  It is rare, my own boys need to be reminded that family pictures are a gift for me, for their Mom!  Ann is also the one listed on my site as my go-to stylist.  I tell everyone they should have Ann come over and pull together their clothing pieces…she is SO good at it and it is SO natural for her to do so.  She helps our family with ours every year, she helped me with my senior this year too.

Enjoy the peek at their session from this past fall.

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