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The Juist Family

This session was shot on a chilly, end of fall, early morning, very last minute session.  Trying to get it squeezed in before winter came and the color was completely gone.  I have known this family for a long time, I cannot remember when we met, but most certainly one or both of us had babies at the time.  I remember many a pool day seeing Kim coming with a stroller and all the baby gear,  the glamour of mom days at the pool.

This was a session that got pulled together quickly.  They had some other plans for fall photos that fell through last minute, I had recently suggested it was time for an updated Facebook photo of their family…and voila a session was born.  As always,(keeping it real here) family sessions are not easy for a Mom.  It takes a ton of planning, and then you have to hope your family is “on board” when it comes time to cooperate and be happy and joyful.   Just know you are NOT alone Moms out there, I understand and do my best to make the session fun and easy for all.

We had a fun morning, it was a quick session and I love how the images turned out.  Sharing some of my favorites here.


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I am technically not doing photo shoots right now, it is winter, it is my off season…BUT when this girl’s Mama sent me a note asking if I could do her a favor and capture her senior photos I said yes.  Her Mom has taught 3 of our boys, and is at the top of their lists of favorite teachers.  She is a woman I greatly admire and appreciate.  I have known Emma since she was in the 5th grade.  What a joy to have watched her grow into a beautiful young women.   Well…and snow.  Those of you who know me know I LOVE snow…so the idea of senior photos after a fresh coat of snow…hello…I am there.

Emma chose some wonderful, stylish clothing pieces.  The red dress against the snow was amazing!  This girl has class and style and a heart of gold to go with it.   Her skin…wowza!  Her make up…amazing!  I see an Adele album cover here with a beautiful Emma face.

Here were my favorites from her session….

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Time to catch up

Whew, it is 2016.  I haven’t posted since August…it is time to catch up.  When I initially began this business I blogged about every single session.  I love doing that, but the hours in the days and weeks seem to be shorter these days for some reason.  I am going to do my best to go back and post as many sessions as I can now that I am nearly caught up…

First off, so many of you are asking about scheduling sessions for the upcoming summer and fall.  I promise I will have more information soon on that.  I am still talking with my marketing/business/financial partner and husband about how to best do that.  First and foremost I am a wife, mom and daughter and while I adore photography and capturing moments those of you who know me know that.  Every year of Twig & Daisy has looked a little bit different due to the needs of my family and I expect this year will be more of the same.  I plan on having all of the details hammered out by April 1, 2016.  So thanks for being patient.

As long as this post is about me and family here is a little personal update.  Our oldest, Tommy,  is a senior this year, so yes you can expect his senior pictures to be posted in a blog. Although to be honest I haven’t even completed editing his session, the joys of having your Mom be your photographer.   We are soaking him in this year and this spring we will continue to be doing that with end of chapter celebrations and graduations.  So don’t expect photography availability until June.  I will be here treading water enjoying every moment of senior trips, golf season, baseball season and graduation open houses.   We have a sophomore, 7th grader and a kindergartner as well this year.  They are also busy with their own things, sports, church, and so on…I am THAT Mom with a senior and a kindergartner at school.    For those of you who have asked about and prayed for my Mom she continues to fight ovarian cancer and is doing really well right now.  I spend as much time as I need to being at her appointments and any procedures she needs to have.  My Dad calls me her “quarterback” in this game of cancer, the Doctors may get tired of my near endless questions…but that’s okay with me.  She is a BIG priority in my life.  I know there are several of you who have been impacted by my rescheduling and juggling sessions around as needed so I can be with her when I need to be.  I consider that a BONUS of this job.

Thank you to all of you who trusted me with your sessions in 2015.  I enjoyed every session and I always take away something special from each of you.  I consider it a privilege to be invited into your life, and your moments and memories.

As far as family photos of my own people…I wanted snow this year for our pictures so we waited until early January to capture them.  Here is my favorite…again the session is not completely edited yet but it is on the list of to-do’s.



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Sessions are closed for 2015…

Biondi-137webIt is with a grateful heart that I announce all of the sessions are filled for Twig and Daisy this season, and that means the rest of this calendar year.  If you have checked in with me the past couple of months and tried to click on “Book A Session” you already knew this from reading it on those forms, but I wanted to write a post about it here as well.  I hate to turn people away and always feel badly when I have to respond emails that I cannot get you in for photos.  I wish I never had to say ‘NO”.

I LOVE what I do, I LOVE taking photos and capturing images…I truly do.  BUT what I love most of all is being a wife, mom and daughter.  Those matter the most in my life.  Which is why this small business of mine fits in well with my life, I can schedule sessions when they work best for our family…that typically means I only do sessions April-November.  Many of you know as well my Mom has been fighting Ovarian cancer the past year…being with her for her treatments matters to me.  She was cancer free in December but now we have found there has been a small reoccurrence, so that means she becomes a priority in my time.  I have a Senior this fall myself and so it will be a fun and busy year for him and for us.   I don’t want to miss the moments, the moments that really matter.

I thank you for your understanding why I do what I do and why it is hard for me to say I am full.  Sometimes the best “Yes” for me is a “no”…if you believe in the power of prayer like I do I would appreciate any and all prayers for my Mom.  God heals and we trust Him fully.

If you want to know who I would recommend for photos I have my favorites, they each have varying styles and price ranges but these are people I trust,  Susan Johnson at NFocus Photography,  Kerri Photography,  Tami Gerlach Photography, Madelin Mack Photography, and Ginnie Coleman Photography.  I know you would be in great hands with any of them.  My calendar for 2016 will open early April booking sessions starting in June…after graduation for my oldest.

To my customers that have yet had their photos taken but are on my calendar I ask for a little extra patience as it may take me longer to get edits back and I may need to juggle some of you around to be able to be with my Mom and family as needed.

Thanks sweet friends….



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Senior Season Has Begun

Senior season has begun and is fast and furious right now.  I didn’t do any seniors last summer due to my Mom being sick and needing me…I had forgotten how very HOT some summer evenings can be.  Wowza.  So far Molly’s photos win for the hottest evening of the year for photos.    In between editing photos I am enjoying summer with my family.  I love that this as a “job” I can fit into my schedule.  We just got home from a  long weekend at the cabin and believe it or not I didn’t take ONE photo on my “BIG” camera.  Frankly sometimes it is nice to have a break from it.

I wanted to post a few of my favorite sneak peek photos from the summer so far…I am about to fully complete editing session one of the seniors.  I typically attempt my turnaround to be 3-6 weeks and it will remain the same for the rest of these seniors.  I am loving the outfits people are coming up with, thanks to my friend and stylist Ann for making many of them come together.  You can find her information on the top of my website under “Stylist”.   I love how she pulls looks together

Here are some sneak peek photos for Molly, Hannah, Elly, Drew and Jordan!  A few of their family sessions mixed in as well.


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