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Thank You Seniors…and Open Houses

Thank you Seniors for allowing me the privilege to capture your Senior photographs.  I loved hearing your reactions to it all, that it was more fun than you had imagined, that it wasn’t THAT bad, that you loved or didn’t love (Zach) my posing ideas….  I feel honored to be a part of these milestones in your life.  I love that about this “job”.  Thank you for the open houses and for feeding our family for nearly 4 weekends in a row now.  My boys thank you, they would prefer you print menus on your invites for future reference.  (I wish I were kidding about that)  All joking aside I loved going to all of the open houses we were able to get to, I loved seeing all of your photos, not just the Twig and Daisy ones…  I pray your next Chapter would be filled with blessings and love along the way.  


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And baby makes 5

These people are like family to us…this is our beloved “Miss Emily” the one who loved our boys for many summers, and hours while keeping me sane with busy little ones.  She was my right hand for many years and our “go-to” babysitter/nanny.  She is like the little sister I never had.  Our goal is typically ONE GOOD SHOT with these busy little ones and we got that and more this time around.  Precious littles that we love so very much and one more coming in August.  Cannot wait! My Max and Jack came along for the visit and to “help”, now you know my secrets for smiles.   Enjoy your sneak peek Em and Ross.



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The Biondi Family

This family session was a great kick off to my Twig and Daisy 2015 season.  They kept me on my toes.  Seriously this little girl, and her make-up compact.  Seriously….  I realize I have all boys so I am not in the habit of being around girly girls….but the fun part is while there is a lot of girly girl in this little one….there is a lot of “Don’t mess with me” in her too.  A great combination.  Then you have the big brother, who was a trooper through it all and baby brother who wanted to just be down and moving most all of the time.  Then there are the adoring grandparents.  You can tell these kiddos are blessed by a lot of love and TIME from their Grandparents.  The relationships are real.  Then you have the engaged couple, with the crazy Uncle-to-be who makes them all laugh.  A beautiful evening…a beautiful family.

Twig and Daisy 2015 has officially begun.

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Welcome to the 2015 Season of Twig & Daisy Photography

Welcome to the 2015 Season of Twig & Daisy Photography.  I feel so blessed to continue to do what I love so very much, capture images and moments in time.  I have determined my biggest inspiration comes from love…so you will see a lot of “Inspired by Love” this upcoming year.  My very favorite thing is to capture love in an image.  I love Senior sessions as well to capture personalities, and this special time of your life.

There are some EXCITING changes this year with Twig & Daisy.  The pricing has increased slightly.  Tax is included, as always, in your sessions.  The amount of packages offered has decreased.  I am offering 2 different packages for seniors and 3 different packages for families.  I am not doing newborn or first year photos this year.  I am focusing on families and seniors.  I will have my very own Senior this upcoming fall so I expect it to be a busy year for our own family.  I have also added an online booking form and a required deposit.  This online booking form is there to help us both.  I have opened up weeks for you to sign up for…with a busy family of 6 myself I do not have my entire 2015 on a calendar yet, and with constant changes of seasons and sports I cannot nail down dates until about a month prior to your sitting.  What the online calendar will do is allow you to sign up for a week you prefer.  I will then contact you at the email provided approximately one month prior to your desired week to set the exact date and time.  I have only opened up a select amount of spots per week, once those are filled it will show as closed.  (of course you may have to bear with me some on this calendar as it is new to both of us and I am praying that I have it set up correctly, BUT as with all things new I would appreciate grace if something is NOT working correctly and would appreciate an email if you are having ANY problems with this new system)  To book your Session please go to the top menu and click on BOOK MY SESSION.

I am excited to offer you a Stylist option as well.  Click on the STYLIST link at the top of the website for more details.  I truly thing this is a needed service and something you will find helpful and fun.  Another great way to assure you have the images you are hoping for…

I have started an Instagram account for my Twig & Daisy Sneak Peeks and for clients to follow.  @twiganddaisy

I will continue to release the files as digital files to you.  They will be uploaded to a website and sent to you to download onto your own computer.  No additional charge for this service.   I have gone back and forth with this option vs. having you order your prints through me and after consulting with many friends and respected photographers this will continue to be my model of business.

Lastly, I wanted to give you a quick family update as so many of you are dear friends and people who pray.  Last year I juggled my Mom battling Ovarian cancer along with my other “Mom” and “Photographer” hats…to those of you who prayed, thank you.  My Mom is doing wonderfully.  Her most recent scan showed no signs of cancer.  She is a BIG part of my life and I appreciate all of your patience with rescheduling, not being able to take as many sessions on and your sweet notes of encouragement.  My main focus and job in life continues to be the best wife, Mom and daughter that I can be, that is the very most important thing to me.   I love my photography business and I appreciate each and everyone of you, but that is the BIG stuff to my heart.  I adore my husband of nearly 20 years, I love being a Mom to these 4 crazy boys of ours…and I treasure my family with all of my heart.  This is why I love capturing all of you so much, LOVE is what inspires me.

I will leave you with one of my very favorite family images of my own…if you don’t think I understand the chaos of family photos, I do, I really, really do.  This may have been the very BEST shot of the day for my own family of 6 this past fall.  My friend Ginnie took it for us…

Don’t ever think I don’t know REAL…I do…and I LOVE real.
Family-009webI can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us all!  God bless!


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A Stylist Can Help!

The question I get the most often before photo shoots is “What do we wear?”  I get this question with seniors, couples and most often with families.  HOW do you pull together a look that coordinates without being matchy-matchy.  Long gone are the days of all khaki pants with matching white shirts…yes, I personally used this theme multiple times.

Enter my friend and stylist Ann.  Ann has a gift for pulling together colors, patterns, textures, layers and looks of anyone that I know.  She has personally helped our family several times.  One of my favorite things about Ann is that she does her very best to use what you already own.  She comes over, looks through closets, asks your opinions on colors and then she goes to town pulling it all together.    She sees it all in her mind.  She may suggest purchasing a piece or two if you are interested in that, and she can pull it together with what you already own.

Let me show you some examples of her style and her work…

Family 2014-006WENFamily 2014-007web

Sneak Peek-031web

Sneak Peek-023web





MOST of us could really use the help of someone with an eye for texture, pattern and color.  I know I typically find one or two things that I LOVE and want to use for our own family session but then to pull together the stuff for the REST of the family is H-A-R-D!  This is where Ann SHINES….she goes through our closets and pulls things.  Ann puts combinations together that I wouldn’t have thought of, she takes into account the personalities of my children knowing who she can PUSH the looks with more than others, perhaps maybe you have a stubborn one or 2 in your family.

Ann can help with Senior pictures as well, she can help you pull together different looks for each location, or even the same location.  She can layer pieces for you that you would not have considered.  Even with those senior boys who don’t “act” like they care, I bet they really do.  I can tell a difference when seniors use a “stylist” vs trying to pull it all together on their own.  She is an expert with patterns and textures and knows what will POP in a photo.

I have asked Ann if she would be willing to “Style” families for Twig and Daisy this upcoming season.  For a small fee she will style your family, or your senior, she will come to your home, help you sort through your favorites, give you suggestions, layer items, find shoes, ties, hats, scarves that you may already have in your very own home.  I HIGHLY recommend this investment.  I promise you will not regret it.  Contact Ann directly to set up a time and check pricing or to meet with her.  annmars4@gmail.com


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