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Happy 2015

Mars-101bwwebOne of my favorite family images of 2014


Happy 2015!  I hope this post finds everyone settling into the new year.  I, for one, am busy trying to dig out from under 2014 and the chaos and joy of 2 weeks of kids home for vacation. It is hard to DO IT ALL isn’t it?

Speaking of DOING IT ALL…there are some changes coming for Twig & Daisy this upcoming year.  I am going to be doing some re-organziing of my business.   I have some changes I am working on….I cannot continue to do it all.  I have been blessed with a growing business and I also have a son who is a Senior this upcoming fall, so I need to make all of this work with my family.

-2015 Pricing will be posted on this site on or near March 1, 2015.  I don’t expect large changes from past years, but there will be increases.  As always tax will be included in your total fee.

-2015 sessions will only be open for Seniors and Families.  I will not be doing head shots, newborn or milestone sessions this year.  (no worries if we are in the midst of your milestone session we will complete that, I will just not be adding new ones to my calendar)

-I am working on a calendar system where I will be able to book sessions farther ahead.  I will be doing some sort of a wait list program as well.  I will not be booking ANY sessions before March 1, 2015.  So if you email me now I will simply ask you to email me back on March 1st.

-Senior Sessions will begin in April 2015 and will continue through the first week of November 2015.  So you can be looking at your calendars and checking for the season you would like to book during.   Family sessions will follow the same time frame.  I will continue to offer discounted family sessions if tagged onto the end of a senior session.

Check back on March 1st for the new updates.

Thanks so much for following Twig & Daisy.

God Bless…

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Buried but here

I am buried under a large pile of editing, but I am working as often as I can to get Sneak Peeks and final edits out to you all.  Family is my priority and between my beautiful Grandma going to heaven last week, my Mom about to finish up her chemo, my father in law recently diagnosed with cancer and life with 4 busy boys and a busy husband…editing time has to fill in the cracks.  We haven’t had a lot of cracks lately.  Thank you for being so patient as it is taking me 6-8 weeks for final edits.  I hope your images are worth the wait.

I haven’t been on the blog for awhile but wanted to post some photos from recent sneak peeks for you…a collage of newborns, seniors and families.

Enjoy the randomness….wish I had time to do a blog post on each one as I love the stories behind the photos, but right now there isn’t time for that so I will leave you with the images and allow them to speak for themselves.


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My Why

I posted on Facebook today that I am no longer taking sessions for 2014.  I need to step back and take some time.  I have lots of final edits in the works.  I have several sneak peeks sitting on my screen waiting to be narrowed down and I have plenty on my plate for the next 2 months.  But my BIGGEST why is my Mom right now…and my family.  Many of you know my Mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in April.  She has been fighting it for months now and so many of you have been and continue to pray for her.  I could not ASK for more.  And I could NOT be more pleased to share that her body has responded beautifully to the chemo and MOST of all to God’s healing.  She is doing so well and has 3 more treatments to go this month….  I have made MANY trips to and from Minnesota, where Mom and Dad are, these past months.  My heart is so much there right now.  Sometimes weekly trips, sometimes bi-weekly….never enough hugs and love from my parents.  My husband has been amazing, he holds the fort down here.  Our boys have stepped up and done more than normal.  God uses everything.

My priority has always been my family…and when the time I take to do photos takes over, I need to step back.  So right now Mom is my WHY I cannot add more to the calendar.  We have a LOT to celebrate with her right now.  I don’t take ANY of it for granted.  And then there is my hubby and 4 busy boys, they are my priority as well.

SO we will finish the year strong with another 20 some or more sessions in the books for this fall….but the rest will wait, or find another photographer which I completely understand.  It is a joy to capture your families, children and memories.  It is also a JOY for me to create memories with my own family.

I leave you with some images from the Ovarian Cancer walk in Edina, MN last weekend and my beautiful, radiant Mama.

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Hannah and her Mom drove all the way from Indianapolis for her senior session.  So sweet of them to do.  They lived her several years ago and once went to school and church with our family.  I was flattered they thought my style of photography was worthy of the drive.  They have been SO patient too for their final edits.  I promise they are coming!  We had fun on a beautiful evening downtown Des Moines.  What a beautiful and thoughtful young woman Hannah has turned out to be, just as I would have predicted years ago knowing her family.

Enjoy seeing your images Hannah!

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Fynaardt Family

Matt is the PE teacher and golf coach at our school.  I feel like I should always call him “Mr. Fynaardt” when I see him.  He and his beautiful wife Melissa also go to our church, and it has been fun to watch their kiddos grow.  Between trying to dodge the rain, entertain 2 busy 3 year old boys and laugh all at the same time we captured these images.  Thanks to my son Jack for his help and Grandma there to help as well we did it…

Anyone who has ever done family photos AND is a MOM knows how HARD family photos are…they are never as easy as the photos look.  I like to tell people there are a LOT of “smoke and mirrors” when it comes to beautiful images.  It starts with the outfits…then the timing…then the weather..then the attitudes of children and husbands.  NOT easy but SO worth it.  I love these shots.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

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