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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.  What you have captured in a portrait is captured forever…

it remembers all of the little things long after you have forgotten everything.” | Aaron Siskind

What to expect from a beautiful Twig & Daisy Photography Session!

Please come relaxed and ready to have fun.  My goal is to make it fun for everyone.  My style is simple and classic, with a twist of modern vintage thrown in at times.  Please come knowing that my goal is to capture many candid shots, and not so many posed.  If you are coming with children please know that my goal is to capture them for how they are every day…not to get them looking at me saying “cheese”.    Down the road I believe candid shots will capture more of your memories than perfectly posed smiles will.

I photograph exclusively on location at your home or a location of your choice. I only use the beauty of natural light when I photograph because the light is soft and natural.  Many times I will bring one of my sons with me, they help me out and are terrific with little ones.  They do lots of jumping up and down to get little ones to laugh.

You can find MANY clothing ideas on Pinterest.  It is always best to choose a couple of colors as your theme, and layer up and add to that.  If you KNOW where you want your photos to hang in your home, do your best to coordinate with what would look good in that space.  Neutral works well always too.  You can look through my site for some great ideas from many of my clients.

It would be an honor and a joy of mine to stop a moment in time for you…and my hope is that my photographs will melt your heart.  Capturing photographs should be fun for everyone…and yes, I have even had high school boys surprised at how much FUN candid photography can be.


1. How far in advance should I schedule my session?

I would suggest scheduling up to 6 months in advance especially if you have a specific season you are wanting to be photographed in.

2. What can I expect from my session?

As stated in “My Style” section, I am a relaxed candid photographer.  It should be fun for everyone.  If we do not have a personal connection before our session we can email and discuss ideas, outfits and I can give suggestions.  If you choose to want to have a pre-session meeting there is a $25 fee for that.  I don’t believe them to be necessary but I realize some people are more comfortable if they can sit down with me one on one prior to the session.  We can arrange that.

3. How long until I get my pictures?

I typically work hard to get a “Sneak Peek” up on my website or Facebook within a week so you have a few to share.  Depending on the season and my schedule final images come between 3-6 weeks after your session.  Typically I will be able to give you a pretty good estimate of when your images will be done.

4. Can I choose the images that you edit?

No.  I will go through and choose what I determine to be the very best shots of the day.  I will give you a combination of looks.  I also get a very good feeling for what photos will be the best while we are shooting and I also get a good idea of what your favorite outfits or poses were.  Trust me.

Senior Session Suggestions

Senior sessions are in full swing and there are always a lot of questions that go along with that.  So here are my best suggestions for you as you prepare for your Senior photos.  Family season hits soon in fall and  I have also included tips for family shots as well.

Girls:  I suggest you bring 5-7 outfits.  Texture looks great, think denim, lace, cords, linen, ruffles….it all adds interest.  Think layering, jean jacket over a dress, cardigan over a cami, scarves etc.  Bring a variety of “season” choices.  Even though your photos may be taken in the summer, bring some jeans, or pants…everything in shorts gets boring.  I typically take shots at many angles, and some are close up, some are full length.  Shoes and accessories matter.  Speaking of shoes…toes matter, this is your excuse for a pedicure.  Go natural with your polish colors, but mani and pedi’s are a great idea before senior photos.  (Tell your Mom I said so)  Also have your clothes planned out, when we get there I will look through the outfits you have an may tweak them, but have them pressed and ready to go.

Bring clothes that flatter you.  If you don’t like a part of your body, don’t wear something that accentuates that.  And if you feel really good in something, it probably means it looks great on you.  Bring your favorites.  You will shine more when you are comfortable.

Make up matters, you don’t need a lot of it, but you do need some color.  If you are more natural and typically don’t wear make up, just add a little, for sure try to find a natural lip color.  If you want to get your make up done, be sure you don’t go overboard.  Lashes matter, cheeks matter, lips matter.

Hair matters, style it in a way you love and a way you typically would wear it.  We want your photos to look like YOU.  It is fun to change up your hair part way through the session.   Plan ahead, bring a favorite hat, throw it up in a bun, tie it back.  Just practice ahead of time so you can do it fairly quickly and on the go.  You can always go to your stylist for the perfect look, or I suggest Emina Price at Salon Studios for great photo ready hair.  515-664-7133

Boys:  I know, I know this is most likely not something you have any desire to plan “outfits” for, but as a Mom of boys…humor your own Mom and me by caring just a tiny bit.  Solid color tees look great, maybe a plaid shirt, a hoodie, denim, cords, rich color khakis, a waffle tee, think layers as much as you can.  And please,please, please don’t come with your clothes all in a wrinkled mess.   Bring a favorite jersey, baseball cap, football…something that says you.  This is the time to let your Mom or sister, or girlfriends help you pick out some great looks.  I promise, someday you will thank them.  Bring 4-7 different looks.

Suggestions for Families:  My best suggestion with coordinating families is not to be afraid of color or patterns.  Pick 2-3 colors as your theme and go for it.  I love to see a mix of patterns and textures again.  You can look through my family sessions for some great ideas.  Pinterest is also a wonderful place to look for ideas.  You can follow any of my boards there.  Search Susan Shisler If you need additional help let me know, I have some friends who are very talented stylists and are excellent at pulling together complete family looks and I would be happy to put you in touch with them.

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